Find Your Advisor

Indiana State University is committed to providing quality advising.

All students seeking undergraduate degrees or programs are assigned an academic advisor. Students can determine their assigned advisors by consulting the college, the department, the University College, or their portal.

建议是成功的核心组成部分. Students who work closely with their advisors are more likely to meet their goals and achieve academic success. Students should maintain regular contact with their advisor, and are expected to work with their advisor prior to registration each semester to ensure the proper sequencing of courses.


Students should run a degree audit report each semester to use during the advising and registration period for the next term. 学位审核显示学术要求, grades, GPA, 课程历史(非官方成绩单). It also shows how completed or transferred courses fulfill degree requirements.

有关说明,请浏览 Degree Plan.


Listed below are answers to some of the most common questions about registration. 欲知详情,请浏览网页 注册说明.

  • If an academically dismissed student is seeking re-admission, 他们需要填写一份请愿书才能返回. The petition and instructions for completing it can be found at 申请再入学. Students should complete the petition and wait for a decision about their re-enrollment prior to meeting with an academic advisor.

  • 如果学生遗漏了信息(例如, 社会安全号码或出生日期), the student needs to supply the Office of 注册及记录 with a copy of the Social Security card and picture ID to satisfy the missing Social requirement. 出生日期, the student will need to submit a birth certificate or a copy of the drivers license.

    The Office of 注册及记录 is located in the basement of Parsons Hall and their contact number is 237-2020.

  • Students should contact the Office of Admissions in order to resolve an outstanding application fee hold or submission of official transcripts and records. 招生办公室位于约翰W. Moore Welcome Center and the contact number is 237-2121.

  • 学生必须完成 immunization form found on the Office of 注册及记录 website. The Office of 注册及记录 is located in the subterranean level of Parsons Hall. 他们的联系电话是237-2020.

  • Students should visit Bursar Operations on the first floor of Parsons Hall to talk with an account analyst about paying their bill or discussing questions about their account. 有关付款方式的信息可在 梧桐快车 Pay Your Bill.

    Students with a federal loan hold (FL) need to contact Bursar Operations at 237-3511 if they plan on re-enrolling.

    Students should verify that there are no missing items preventing financial aid from disbursing. All requested financial aid documents are posted in the student's MyISU Portal under the "financial aid" departmental tab in Self Service. The Office of Student Financial Aid is located on the first floor of Tirey Hall and their contact number is (812) 237-2215.

  • 基于大学政策, the following students are required to have their current advisement PIN to register for courses:

    - Junior, sophomore, and freshman students in the Honor's Program

    You will need to obtain your advisement PIN from your academic advisor.

  • It is always a good idea to take a copy of your degree audit with you to your advising appointment. The 学位审核报告ing System is a cumulative curriculum record of a student's progress in completing an ISU degree. You may run a degree audit report for your declared degree programs—or for degree programs in which you are interested. The degree audit/worksheet details all of the requirements that must be completed to finish a degree at Indiana State University. You can access your 学位审核报告ing Tools under the "Student Tab" in your Portal account. Contact your advisor if you have any specific questions regarding advisement appointment needs.

  • Your class standing is based on earned credit hours on your record. Any credit hours you are currently enrolled in are not included in determining your class standing.


    Note: Credit hour loads differ for Federal loan purposes. Visit 联邦直接斯塔福德贷款 for details.

  • Advisors can be contacted in multiple ways, such as via email, phone, or visiting their office. Please understand that advisors have many students to see during priority registration, so you may not be able to get an immediate appointment. If your advisor does not respond to your attempts at contact, get in touch with the departmental office for your major or the University College. This office might be a student services office in your college (for example, the 斯科特商学院) or it might be a departmental chairperson in your major (for example, 心理学系). Contact information for these offices is available on the Web.


The 澳门合法赌场官网目录 这份授权文件是否适用于所有学生. The requirements given in the Catalog supersede information issued by any academic department, program, college, or school. The University reserves the right to change the requirements at any time. 更正错误的权利也被保留.